"I can't say enough about the representation and results I got with Mr. Wolff and I have been involved with four other lawyers in the past! My landlord had been doing all this illegal stuff and had just ignored me until Mr. Wolff took me in. I did not pay anything and the landlord ended up eating all the costs. Suing someone takes time and I had to be patient. Mr. Wolff kept me informed and he negotiated an excellent result. I am so grateful!" Ronald

"Very often people of color who are women, disabled, and/or who have very little in the way of personal finances, have difficult times finding attorneys who will take their complaints seriously.

I’ve had 3 difficult legal situations involving: (1) corporate malfeasance resulting in disability, (2) landlord tenant abuse, and (3) transportation accidents.

All other attorney’s offices ignored me, except the Law Offices of Andrew Wolff.

Every single case has been individually investigated and either has been or is being successfully resolved in my favor.

This is the pattern of advocacy with all cases undertaken by the Law Offices of Andrew Wolff.

Witness the following news article in the Oakland Post, “Oakland Menlo Hotel Owner Charge With Arson Scam,” in which indigent and often very ill persons w/ no where else to go, and who were a short step from being fatally homeless, were protected from a predatory landlord and successfully represented by the Law Offices of Andrew Wolff.

In a world where everyone is predatory – from social services to large corporations – it is refreshing to find someone who honestly empowers people to be able to fight back.

I would highly recommend the services of his office." Malaika

"Mr. Wolff was hired to represent me for a p.i. case involving an airline. he's first rate and does what he's hired to do. the case went to mediation and was settled. we initially refused the first offer so mediation was our next step and that worked so a trial wasn't necessary. if you need a lawyer and have a legitimate case, he's definitely worth considering. i sent a friend to him and my friend got the same good results, and his case was much more difficult." Robert